About Us

Every year, hundreds of millions of used printer cartridges (made up of plastics and synthetic chemicals) get thrown away and end up causing damage to our planet and the environment. By recycling your empty with Sell Your Empty, you are ensuring that your cartridge gets reused and stays out of the landfill.

At Sell Your Empty, we are printer cartridge and shipping industry veterans who created the most efficient logistics system for collecting and reusing empty cartridges. By automating our receiving process and shipping via the most efficient routes, our empty cartridge logistics network is the most efficient, and therefore we can pay you the highest prices for your empty cartridges.

Recycling the cartridges you collect helps to save our environment and prevent climate change. You even get paid in the process, as we pay you cash for all the cartridges on our list. We even pay all of the expenses to ship your empties to us!

You can also make money for your school or any organization. So, collect your empty inkjet printer cartridges –it’s not only good for your school or organization – it’s good for the environment and the economy too.

We also purchase unused OEM expired or unexpired product.